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Flax seeds to cook, to support the digestive system of the horse. They promote digestibility and intestinal transit. They are also useful to ripen abscess.

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Flax seeds for horses "Plant’ Equine", consist of pure seeds, to support the digestive tract of the horse. They are also a source of quality protein, promoting the gloss of the horse's coat.


It is imperative to cook them to eliminate their toxic effect and to release the active mucilage.


After cooking, the seeds release their protective mucilage of the intestinal wall. They are an important source of fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on the hair and the dress of the horse.


Cooked Flax seeds are also used in local application for the maturation of an abscess.




To cook before using it, until the mucilage.


Local treatment: After cooling the preparation, to use in local application for maturation of an abscess under the foot and on the shoe.


In addition to the ration: to relieve the intestine, preventing colic or to slow the onset of joint disorders, muscle or tendon.


100 to 150 g of flax seeds into 3 to 5 liters of mash.