Diatom earth

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Diatomaceous earth is a product completely natural, made ​​from tiny fossilized 
water plants. It proves to be a formidable natural wormer against worms
( round and flat ) and internal control. A 100% natural alternative to chemical wormers different .

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Diatomaceous earth, food, extra pure, not burned. 

To improve digestive performance of the animals rid of intestinal parasites.
Deworming and food supplement rich in silica. (Silica oxide SiO2) 
also rich in minerals and trace elements (including boron, manganese,
copper, titanium, magnesium, iron ...)

The addition of diatomaceous earth to horse feed has many health benefits 
of animals with silica and trace elements that compose the one hand
(deficiencies and assimilation), and because of its ability abrasive other
(digestive system).
-elimination internal parasites

- action worming effective on roundworms and dishes

- elimination of toxins

- mineral intake

Improving the general condition of the horse

Use : 

Horses : 80 to 140 g / day in the diet for a minimum of 7 days. For complete action on worms and larvae , to meet the development cycle ,
it is essential to proceed to 20 days of treatment with diatomaceous earth Available in 2kg bucket necessary to complete treatment for one horse for 3 weeks. Formulation for equines. Non doping product, 100% natural.