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"Plant'Equine" Urinary drainage

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Composition of medicinal plants carefully chosen around the dandelions and ash for their targeted action on the renal system.

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The combination of these aromatic plants around the dandelion, toning the renal system and ash , diuretic and activator of the elimination of toxins, is designed to activate diuresis and clean the urinary system of the horse.


It is widely used for horses suffering from edema and fluid retention, particularly during cardiac disorders.


This synergy also has a strong antiseptic potential on the urinary system.


It is intended for horses working adults, older horses, and pregnant mares and / or lactating



Use: (measurement provided)


 Horses: 1 scoop 2x / day in addition to the ration


Ponies or foals: 1/2 measure 2 x / day in addition to the diet.


 Available in sachets of 500 g, 1 kg, 3 kg or buckets of 1 kg, 3 kg.


(Greater quantity on order)


 These mixtures are food supplements and not drugs, so please consult a veterinarian.