"Plant'Equine" Joints

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Synergy herbal anti -inflammatory and anti- rheumatic around the harpagophytum.

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Synergy plants around harpagophytum , usually known for their anti -inflammatory and pain relief , particularly in horses with osteoarthritis and joint pain.


This formulation improves joint flexibility and mobility in elderly horse, horse convalescent following important work. Ideal for joint protection of horses and supportive treatment in the effort to competition horses.


Contains harpagophytum , so it is important to stop the consumption about 72 hours before competitions .


This formulation also contains plants against - indicated for pregnant mares . Do not hesitate to contact us to customize this formulation for your mare.


Use (measure provided)


Prevention: 1-2 doses / day


Maintenance: 2-3 doses / day


Curative treatment in pushing joint pain: 3-5 doses / day


Available in packs of 500 g, 1 kg, 3 kg or  1 kg, 3 kg buckets.


(Greater quantity on order)


These mixtures are food supplements and not drugs, so please consult a veterinarian.